Work, work, work

Now that I’m out from the student world, it seems that my brain have shifted from random things to only work. Not that it’s bad, still only work, work, work, and work in my mind right now. 

On the plus side, I have become more active on my projects rather than goofing around, though I do hope to gain some profit from my projects, be it Sherry Drivers series, or Gaia Android firmware. Still I am more incline to write on my laptop than doing nothing, updating my blogs as often as I can, or tweet if I can. Other than that there’s also developing for 2 of my own projects and still thinking on starting on a third project. Don’t forget that I am currently planning my business plan, more on that later.


On the downside, I do have lack of time enjoying myself, heck I can’t play games as often as before. I do play some of my games on the weekends, but not like I used to (If you count playing Dragon Age 2 from sunrise to sunset normal). Though I am not regretting any of it, I can sometimes be lazy as snorlax. 

Now let’s talk work, with Gaia 2.0.x RC preview released, I can focus more on Sherry which I believe waited by a lot of users. I do stressed out that it is hard to improve something that is design to be at maximum potential. Still it is not impossible to do, right? In Sherry 1.3.2, there will be no promises on the performance department. Instead I am focused on improving stability and also compatibility to several chipsets much like GMA3100 and GMA3150. I will also try to fix most of the bugs that haunted the 945GME chipsets. We’ll see what’s new for this release.

Like I said above, I am planning to open up a business, although it is still not clear, I planned several puzzle pieces first like goal and company aim, to provide cost effective computing for small business and home users. I have to admit there’s a lot of planning to do, still again it is manageable, with help from my wife and friends of course. All and all, there’s a great market for cheaper computing for small businesses in my state, and I do hope to rank up and provide quality service for my future customer.

Overall, after taking all factors, I am fine and in good condition right now. Hope that I can manage all my work one at a time, and wish me luck on maintaining my focus 🙂  


New Year’s Eve

It’s been a while since my last post.

Well, it’s that time of the year again, the time where we look into ourself and ask, are we done enough for the past 12 months? Most of us thought that sure, we can make new resolution in this time of the year, the moment where fireworks start to bang alot, the moment where everyone “kam pai” and say “Happy New Year!”, getting drunk with their closest friends and reliving old memories, and hey, it’s not too late to start a relationship in this time of the year, or lose someone that they love in that matter .But I believe not all of us who try to think back on what do we have achieved for the past 12 months.

I, like many other people do not satisfy on what I have achieved for this year, or any other past years. One should not be feeling empty after a whole year trying to improving ourself, but I do felt that way. In some matter I felt that I’ve lost all that I worked for every year at this time.

This time though, I felt that this is the first time that I’ve ever think seriously on what should I do for next year. Thinking that I have lost soo much that I’m starting to doubt my ability to start it all over again. Will I ever be strong enough? Will be able to be happy next year? Will I be able to achieved my target in both work and study? Will I be filled next year? This type of question goes on and on in my head till I feel doubt on even trying. Still I’ll try to go all the way on improving myself for next year, as time as we know it will wait for now one, again moving forward and left behind those who even scared to go on.

Speaking of time, will there be a day where we could try to manipulated the past, or even move to a different timeline? If there are such incident, I question myself, should I changed the past, or move to a different timeline for that matter? Well, I do feel that I won’t change the past, even if I can, if I would then I wouldn’t be this strong, and heck I wouldn’t be writing this post, although there are some things that I would like to change, if can.

Well, for all of you who read this, have a very great New Year’s Eve.


As you all may know, based on this blog it self that I’m more to a simplistic type of person, I enjoy the simplicity on any of stuff in my life, be it the color of my laptop (repainted it to pure black just like DanielPK did), or the arrangement of my working desktop, or even my OS that I’m working it, it’s better to do it with simplicity then with style. But as much as I am simplistic, I have a keen habit on wanting change frequently, not sure that it’s a bad thing or a good one. For example I’d like to change how the OS looks for, let’s say once a week, sometimes 2 weeks before I started to change something, as simple a new wallpaper will do the trick. Severely changing the OS looks overall.

Heh, I often change OSes as well, mostly my secondary OS, which is mostly Linux distro just to experience the feel of it. With simplicity as one of the main factor. I tried some of the best OS which is quite known now that it is before. Joli OS.

 I do most of my online work with this OS now, still I do find it quite interesting to use. I also have a somewhat bad habit of being bored with a new stuffs often and quite frequently. For example, I’ve installed a new OS, and for a week or two using, I would simply delete it for a new one, of course my main OS is not touch.

Nevertheless Joli OS does not fail me, yet as it have tons of features as long as it is connected to the web. Mainly because it is based on a cloud base service. There’s some good and bad in it. The good part first, you can actually access it everywhere even in other machine, just with a browser of your choice. Chrome have release it’s dedicated web app in the Chrome Web Store. Even any browser with HTML5 support will be able to access it. The bad part? Typical for any cloud base service/OS, when your offline, then most of the fun went away with your connection.

Still, there’s plenty of native apps that run offline, like OpenOffice for all those work related stuffs and Mivo for Video feed client to name a few.

Built on top of an older version of Ubuntu, it does work flawlessly with native ubuntu application will be installable in this OS. Some of the app that I can’t miss is Powertop, design by Intel to maximize battery life time with one single charge.

Overall it is quite a good OS and with a different twist on how OS works, interface wise. Suitable for a person like me which can be bored with something really fast. I would recommend a try, With windows native installer, you can try it safely without all those repartition stuffs and USB boot. Just run install and it take care the rest. Don’t like it? Boot back to windows and uninstalling via control panel. Easy!

Ah well, It might be as I am writing another lame review, but then again I’d like to mumble to what I have in mind. Enjoy it if you can 😀

 More on joli OS at

Brushing Up

Recently, well today actually, NeoDragon invited me to create a fully customize Ragnarok Online server. Yeah well I know the game is kinda old now in the 2011, but still that’s where I’ve learned programming stuffs in the first place. I’ve got to admit I do need some brushing up to do with my scripting skills. Still I can’t do much as I still have a lot of things to do, college and work combine.

As you all know I am still busy with my Sherry 1.3 project for the 9xxSSF. There’s many plan that I would like to do after it is finish soon (hopefully). Like photography, my flickr page seems lonely, it’s been a while since I last check. I started photography in late 2010, where do I get my inspiration you asked? Head on to and see what I mean. Staggering isn’t it?

I’m looking forward on doing what I’ve planned for some time, but that have to wait later on. Until then, head on to my current project site while I continue to make mobile devices worldwide better without even people knowing.


The beginning.

Well, I’m sleeping late again tonight, working on Sherry 1.3. There’s a lot of features to add, recently in a discussion with Tribaljet, it struck me when he told me about some features that I forgot, for example Flash hardware acceleration support. How the hell I forgot about that. There’s  also HTML5, further optimization and such. Hope I’ll able to finish it within deadline.

Exam’s off, so i can finally ease up some of my time, no classes for the next couple of weeks, and yes more time for me, and yes finishing Sherry 1.3. My girl (Sherry’s the name for those who don’t know) already complaining again and again about me working my ass of for this project 🙂 . But I still love to do it, I have some minor insomnia by the way, so those sleepless night better off spend doing this project.

In recent events I do have some pressure from real life, life what do you expect? There’s no such thing as easy life, except when your a kid, everything’s around you feels like a toy you could play at that time. But as a student, there are some certain problem that are too great to handle.

Speaking of projects, there are certain issues that I’ve struggle with, well almost all of my team at 9xxSSF struggle with, copyright. I’ve been thinking , is it inappropriate to make something better out of something that does not have support for it nowadays? Well, i won’t say who or where, but the point is something that can be made better should be better, be open for a bit as see the opportunities lies in it. Well, yes it does not bring profit to them, but making the overall consumers happy should be the number 1 priority.

Enough about the project for a bit. I was thinking on continuing my photographic project after finishing up the Sherry 1.3 project, it’s been a while since I do photography, well I’m not saying that I’m good at it, still learning but yeah, a hobby is a hobby. Keeps my mind at ease for a bit. 🙂

Well, that’s if I do have some break time to spend anyway, being a student, there are things that I should think about rather than these stuffs. *Laugh* I am not the best student in my college 🙂 . Infact I was one of the laziest, some certain classes that I seldom attend, but still suffice for me to take exams, I swear for the next semester I will do my best for college, I may not be the study type, but still, I gotta secure my future. Nevertheless, there’s another story if I manage to graduate and start working.